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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
A place for people to meet & discuss the daily battles of IBS
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13th-Apr-2013 10:24 am - IBS & Food Allergies
P&R: Knope waffles
Hi! I wanted to share my IBS experience to see if it might help anyone else. I have suffered from IBS for about 16 years (it hit me around high school).In the past 10 years, as an adult, I have seen at least 2 GIs and had a colonoscopy, endoscopy and the fun test where you drink the barium. I was always told they found nothing, thus IBS. I was given Bentyl (Dicyclomine) as well as amitriptyline - neither of which did much.

I was told to try to mitigate my triggers (such as stress) and ID trigger foods (greasy things, creamy things, etc.) I did as best I could but still had several attacks a month not to mention the general blahness, gas, nausea etc. throughout other days. Finally, at the end of September 2012 I went to a chiropractor who also did applied kinesiology and neuro-emotional techniques. I was going mostly for my migraines due to recommendations my mom had received about how good he was, but it was mentioned he could help with my IBS.

I was skeptical, to say the least. But here's the thing: they were right. He did something so simple, so basic, that I was pissed off none of the other GI doctors had either done this or suggest I do this - food allergy testing. I was annoyed I didn't think of it either on my own but...I was blindly assuming the GIs would be doing everything to help me out.

Back when I had all my tests they ruled out Celiac's Disease. I therefore never gave gluten/wheat another thought. I mean, I didn't have Celiac's so...not an issue, right? Wrong. The new doc tested me on corn, soy, dairy and wheat/gluten. The first three were fine - but that last one showed my body could not tolerate it all. Suddenly it all clicked: all the times I had attacks and thought, All I ate were saltine crackers! All I had was fruit and a roll!! Why am I still getting sick??!!

I started cutting out wheat/gluten from by diet and the results were almost instant. Within a week I felt so much better. A month went by and I hadn't had a cramping-hours-in-the-bathroom attack. I am now 6 months in and I have never felt better. My stomach is still extra sensitive, so sometimes other factors trigger it to feel yucky - but never the constant cramping IBS attacks of the past. I have (on purpose and on accident) eaten a bit of wheat in the 6 months and it confirmed for me it was the culprit all along because I had an attack each time.

At a GF baking class I encountered a woman who had an experience similar to mine - always having attacks, GIs no help, but on her own she started cutting everything out and adding it back in to see what triggered everything. It was wheat/gluten for her too.

TL;DR: If you haven't already, have some food allergy testing done. You might find some trigger foods for your IBS symptoms that way and save yourself a lot of pain and frustration. I know GF diets seem all trendy right now, which is annoying, but it turns out there is a level of gluten sensitivity that is not Celiac's. I hope this helps.
16th-Nov-2008 11:21 am - hi -- i'm newly posting
dc bite me
Hi everyone!

Name: Emily
Age (if you want): 30
Career: human rights lawyer
Hobbies: dancing, music, writing, travel, learning languages, yoga
Interesting fact about you: i am an American working on Palestinian human rights in Israel/Palestine
Diagnosis: indeterminate colitis (most likely Crohn's); IBS
Date of Diagnosis: 1989
Main Symptoms: diarrea, severe gas pains and cramping, bloating
Medication (You're on or tried):
Any secret tricks that make you feel better?: regular exercise including yoga, but also other sports; quitting coffee altogether; being hyper sensitive to diet (that is also tailored to my moods, the time of day, and weekend vs. weekday); acupuncture (including herbs), but this did not help long term; getting enough SLEEP.

did folks see this article?

i have the IBS that creates diarrea and severe gas pains (not constipation). have others like me ever tried peppermint oil or an antisposmadic drug (like "hyoscine") that worked??

8th-Jul-2007 04:24 pm(no subject)
How much bloating is normal with IBS? Not to be super graphic but here is a picture of my bloating,
16th-Jun-2007 03:35 pm(no subject)
so i guess im freaking out
my belly is hurting

i woke up this morning about 4hrs before i wanted to which is NOT at all normal
and i was terribly dizzy! and naseous.
it went awawy for a while but im dizzy again
and my bowels hurt.
like a warning...of doom.

im also freaking cause my left leg is feeling painy and tingly...but not tingly..."pins and needles"....tingly like "numbish"...
my left hand has it too....


i cant wait till my hunnie ren gets here and this weekend is over

i actually have to leave the house tomorrow
i wishi were better and i could actually see my daddy.
ive only seen him once in 3 months....
thats horrid
i usually see him 1+ times a week.....
so sad.

13th-Jun-2007 12:36 pm - HELLO!
If you're new, fill this out and post it:
Name:  Melissa
Age (if you want):  19
Career: Going to College to become a Teacher
Hobbies: Working out, swimming
Interesting fact about you: I'm a newlywed.
Diagnosis:  Don't have one yet
Date of Diagnosis: ""
Main Symptoms: Constant stomach pressure, bloating, gas, constant trips to the bathroom
Medication (You're on or tried): I was on XENICAL for weight loss and I'm blaming all this on it.
Any secret tricks that make you feel better?: TAKE A BUNCH OF GAS X THIN STRIPS
12th-Jun-2007 08:04 pm(no subject)
ok so i havent posted here in a long time.
i was doing VERY well. for a VERY long time.

short story - i developed (post infections) IBS, usually C, about 3 years ago.
i was in the hospital, then in bed for months. i could hardly do anything. just achey, belly pain...etc.
after about a year (and 50lbs. later) i felt great. i was working out (i was very overweight before i got sick) i was eating well, became vegan...etc.
then i started to find loopholes....ooo this doesnt have dairy in it...ill eat it!!! ooo i can eat 3 of these and NOT feel sick? WOW!
i gained bac all the weight.

4 months ago i, feeling like shit, i decided i needed to get off my ass and loose that weight again. to feel better!!! so i started counting my calories and kiiinda starting to work out. i feel better when i am lighter...my belly does.

then i got sick....3months ago. at 4am i thought oh no...im gunna puke! i didnt but...it was bad. i was shaking, freezing, clammy, and had pain under my right breast.

everyone thought i had a virus!!! but no...after a week i went to the ER. they said oh it must be GASTRITITS. go home.
i went home.
then i went to my GI doc and she said "your urine is bad, they didnt tell you tihs in the ER?" i went on antibiotics for 5days.
no better
the pain under my right breast was getting worse and worse...so i had a test to see if i had gallbladder stones and to see if it was functioning correctly.
it was fine.
i went to the ER again, "you must have a urinary tract in fection..." heres somemore antibiotics.
i had VEEEERY high levels of bacteria in my urine.
antibiotics 10days.
when i had 4 days left i went back to my GI and said that i didnt feel anybetter and i had back pain
she said "im giving you more antibiotics and you should go see your urologist."

now this is fine ive seen him i like him.....
i saw him about 2 weeks ago. he said your UTI should have cleared up by now, you need a catscan to see if you maybe have an issue with your kidneys or something else.

here is my issue...
i made my appointment and then got denied by my insurance.....so now i still have to wait maybe another week or 2....
im still no better

im so depressed and loosing it

and worst of all now...im having diahrea everyday.....i cant take all this pain and poo!!!! my belly hurts and i get so naseous and my back is killing me and i get lighheaded often as well....

what should i do?
i cant eat much and my benefiber and aloe is only making my poo problem worse so i dont take it anymore.
i used to take donnetol and take it when im really back with unhappypoo but i dont want to depend on it and with my antibiotics i kinda get sick from it.

anysuggestions of some fiber or food i should and/or shouldnt be taking/eating???

please im all alone in this and kinda going crazy
i was so sick for so long...i dont want to suffer anymore.

i cant work...i cant go out or do anything fun with my lover....i cant do anything but sit/lay and watch TV or go online. my life is pretty much meaningless now ... i dont know what to do.

26th-Apr-2007 03:56 pm(no subject)
Name: Lo
Age (if you want): 16
Career: musician(I hope)
Hobbies: songwriting, making music, playing the guitar, the piano, singing
Interesting fact about you: i can lick my elbow
Diagnosis: IBS
Date of Diagnosis: I don't know, but it must have been about two years ago
Main Symptoms: Cramps, pain, fainting, feeling sick, pain when I have to go to the bathroom (no matter what for), painful swolen stomach, noisy stomach...
Medication (You're on or tried): I was on duspertal retard, but it's all useless
Any secret tricks that make you feel better?:
Drinking tea used to help me (not anymore), holding some ones hand and squeezing it (also to let them know I'm still alive), eating vegetarian.

I could use some support, I've been dealing with IBS since I was eight years old. It's a serious problem for me. I'd like to chat with people, on msn messenger or hotmail otherwise. I'd like to get to know other people who are dealing with the same as I am, by that I mean mostly the cramps, and serious pain.

So please add me; ikbenlotteniet_grapje@hotmail.com
5th-Apr-2007 11:26 am - Intro Post
Name: Jillian or blue_cassandra
Age (if you want): 20
Career: Currently undergrad at Goucher in Towson
Hobbies: Reading, writing
Interesting fact about you: I took karate for eight years, I'm engaged to my best friend and I also have endometerosis.
Diagnosis: IBS
Date of Diagnosis: I'd known something was up but when a doctor actually used the phrase IBS was late November of 2006.
IBS-C/IBS-D/IBS-A?: I'm not sure what the different types mean (I'm really new to this.)
Main Symptoms: Painful stomachaches and BM's
Medication (You're on or tried): I'm on a generic brand and the name escapes me at the moment (I'm at work) but when I get home, I can update this.
Any secret tricks that make you feel better?: My fiance gives me amazing belly and foot rubs.

I'm so glad that there are places like this. I usually gross people out when I try to explain this.
27th-Mar-2007 07:00 pm(no subject)
hey everyone, this is the moderator here (Alli) under my new "Figuring out what's wrong with my stomach" username.

so my flareups are worse than ever. i came back here because really... i needed to write about it. i knew that it was getting bad, that i was feeling more nauseous than usual. but i tired to ignore it. i didn't really realize how much it keeps progressing until today. i went out shopping to distract myself (it's the only thing that makes me forget i'm sick) i dont know what it is about the activity, but when i'm walking through those aisles, i'm never nauseous, i never feel fat, i just feel normal. until i reach the clothing aisle...

and that's when i realize, this is out of control. everywhere on my body is around a size 4 to 6. my stomach, comes in at around a size 11 to 13. i took off my shirt in the dressing room and realize how huge my belly was. if i hadnt tested myself a 100 times, id swear i was pregnant. i look at myself and just want to cry.

i dont know who to see or where to go. i am living in a new city where i dont know anyone besides my SO. my panic disorder makes it nearly impossible to deal with this. because every change i make, im afraid it will make it worse and ill become nauseous enough to v*. i live in this little bubble of fear. it's gotten to the point where it prevents me from joining clubs on campus or going to people's houses because i'm afraid ill get sick. i see all of these old habits creeping back into my life (agoraphobic habits) and i'm terrified.

>the only things i know.Collapse )
26th-Mar-2007 10:30 pm(no subject)
I don't know if anyone is from remotely anywhere near the areas of Kitchener-Waterloo or London, Ontario, Canada - but if you are or know someone who is...send them out to these. Fun evenings that help your guts!



Very x-posted. Sorry for the annoyance, but I want everyone to hear!
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