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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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IBS & Food Allergies 
13th-Apr-2013 10:24 am
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Hi! I wanted to share my IBS experience to see if it might help anyone else. I have suffered from IBS for about 16 years (it hit me around high school).In the past 10 years, as an adult, I have seen at least 2 GIs and had a colonoscopy, endoscopy and the fun test where you drink the barium. I was always told they found nothing, thus IBS. I was given Bentyl (Dicyclomine) as well as amitriptyline - neither of which did much.

I was told to try to mitigate my triggers (such as stress) and ID trigger foods (greasy things, creamy things, etc.) I did as best I could but still had several attacks a month not to mention the general blahness, gas, nausea etc. throughout other days. Finally, at the end of September 2012 I went to a chiropractor who also did applied kinesiology and neuro-emotional techniques. I was going mostly for my migraines due to recommendations my mom had received about how good he was, but it was mentioned he could help with my IBS.

I was skeptical, to say the least. But here's the thing: they were right. He did something so simple, so basic, that I was pissed off none of the other GI doctors had either done this or suggest I do this - food allergy testing. I was annoyed I didn't think of it either on my own but...I was blindly assuming the GIs would be doing everything to help me out.

Back when I had all my tests they ruled out Celiac's Disease. I therefore never gave gluten/wheat another thought. I mean, I didn't have Celiac's so...not an issue, right? Wrong. The new doc tested me on corn, soy, dairy and wheat/gluten. The first three were fine - but that last one showed my body could not tolerate it all. Suddenly it all clicked: all the times I had attacks and thought, All I ate were saltine crackers! All I had was fruit and a roll!! Why am I still getting sick??!!

I started cutting out wheat/gluten from by diet and the results were almost instant. Within a week I felt so much better. A month went by and I hadn't had a cramping-hours-in-the-bathroom attack. I am now 6 months in and I have never felt better. My stomach is still extra sensitive, so sometimes other factors trigger it to feel yucky - but never the constant cramping IBS attacks of the past. I have (on purpose and on accident) eaten a bit of wheat in the 6 months and it confirmed for me it was the culprit all along because I had an attack each time.

At a GF baking class I encountered a woman who had an experience similar to mine - always having attacks, GIs no help, but on her own she started cutting everything out and adding it back in to see what triggered everything. It was wheat/gluten for her too.

TL;DR: If you haven't already, have some food allergy testing done. You might find some trigger foods for your IBS symptoms that way and save yourself a lot of pain and frustration. I know GF diets seem all trendy right now, which is annoying, but it turns out there is a level of gluten sensitivity that is not Celiac's. I hope this helps.
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